Ride the RideauTM

September 7, 2013

So you want to make a difference?

You're going to raise a minimum of $1,500 for cancer research. That's great!
Here are tools that will help you reach your goal, exceed expectations, and feel heroic.
Not a bad combination, is it?


  • Forms

    Use these forms for traditional fundraising
    1. Pledge Form
    2. Donation Form
  • Tools

    Ideas to help you reach your heroic goal
    1. Fundraising Tips
    2. Raise $1,500 in 15 minutes
    3. Fundrasing Letters/Email Templates
  • Be Social

    1. Social Media Fundraising Guide
    2. Facebook Icons
  • Mobile Apps

    1. Download App
    2. Download App


  • Posters

    Customizable templates you can use to market your fundraising
    1. Thermometer
    2. Sponsor Me
    3. Fundraising Event Details
  • Sample PowerPoint

    Customizable for an awesome Ride the Rideau presentation
    1. PowerPoint Slides
  • Logo Land

    Download these and use them everywhere
    1. Horizontal Logo
    2. Square Logo
    3. Logo Zip Folder
  • Video

    1. Download 2012
      "No Excuses" Video
    2. View 2012
      "No Excuses" Video via YouTube


  • Adopt-a-Rider

    $500 sponsorship opportunity
    1. Sponsorship Form
  • Adopt-a-Team

    $1,500 sponsorship opportunity
    1. Sponsorship Form

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