Ride the RideauTM

September 7, 2013

What are the benefits of cycling?

The World Health Organization recommends to spend at least 2 hours and 30 minutes per week exercising, preferably in bouts of at least 10 minutes each. This can be done by combining different types of physical activity. For example, you can spread it out through the day or combine your workouts with cycling or walking.

Cycling is great for your health, your wallet and the environment. 

Cycling regularly has been shown to improve physical fitness, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, increase bone density, reduce stress and strengthen muscles; in fact it is an excellent form of cross training. It's also a great way to save some cash when you switch from another mode of transportation. The price at the pump may be going up but thanks to inflation, the actual cost of travel by bike is less than it was in 1990, when you factor in all travel costs. But what's really great about cycling is how it contributes to a cleaner environment for all by reducing air pollution and greenhouse gases from cars. 

Cycling is a sport that activates all the muscles in your body and therefore offers very good opportunities for training and burning calories. 

A cyclist is regularly training at a moderate to high intensity level, making it also suitable as an excellent form of daily exercise for those who find it difficult to make time for regular workouts or those who want to lose weight.

Not convinced? Then consider this: cycling may be the closest thing to a fountain of youth that we have in modern society. Research has shown that not only does engaging in regular exercise help your body live long, it can also keep your brain functioning longer too! A Canadian study followed adults aged 60-82 for six years and found that those who reported engaging in the most physical activity were less likely to develop dementia or cognitive impairment. 

And if you live in a neighborhood where there are lots of cyclists, your environment is much greener than suburbs where people rely exclusively on cars. A study found that residents living within five miles of the center of a city are likely to travel 15 percent fewer miles in their cars if they have nearby access to trails and bicycle lanes. 

Cycling is also useful in supporting cancer research!

For instance, this is your chance to make a direct impact on improving patient care for the Canadian community and even the rest of the world. Ride the Rideau gives people who love bikes an opportunity they won't want to pass up when it comes with one day - long adventure in scenic Ottawa that includes cycling through parks, villages, riverside paths as well as some urban streets while enjoying views big enough to last anyone's fancy!

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Cycling also has great health benefits for the heart, lungs and circulation. It can help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke as well as osteoporosis. Cycling is even better than walking at reducing fat without loss of muscle mass.

A study by John Pucher and Ralph Buehler showed that cycling does not contribute to an increased rate of bone fractures, especially in men. Cycling will also help people sleep better and can reduce stress. It helps to promote the release of endorphins (a type of hormone), which are chemicals in your brain that produce a feeling of well-being, or "natural high". Regular exercise also enhances the function of neurotransmitters, chemical messengers that carry signals between neurons, resulting in improved mental function. Cycling is also an effective treatment for mild to moderate depression.

Cycling is like a miracle cure for many older people who are often ill because it improves their balance and muscle strength which is very important when people get older. It will provide people with more independence, making them feel more secure on the road!