Ride the RideauTM

September 7, 2013

Why Should You Participate in

Bicycle Races for Charitable


Many people cycle for good causes. We see our friends and colleagues going off on great adventures and come back very excited and proud of themselves. These people meet their own personal challenges while fundraising for charity.

Pedaling can be challenging for some people. It can be more difficult and time-consuming when you do it for a purpose. However, most cyclists return with a lot of good reasons such as the sense of pride in completing tours for charity and the friendships they formed.

Ride the Rideau has become one of the most successful single-day cancer fundraisers in Eastern Ontario in the last few years. Since its inception, they have raised about $5 million and have helped fund new therapies in addition to the opening of the Centre for Innovative Cancer Research (CICR). They enabled a lot of patients to benefit from clinical trials faster than before.

Jet Casino , one of the most reputable online casinos in the world, has decided to sponsor a bicycle race dedicated to the fight against cancer organized by Ride the Rideau. Here are the reasons why you get on a bike for this event. 

An online casino known for its prestigious reputation in the world of gambling and entertainment in Australia - Jet Casino - has also partnered up with Ride The Rideau to sponsor a bicycle race dedicated to eradicating cancer.

  1. A Chance to Experience the Life of Professional Riders 
  2. If you have the best cycling gear and have ridden for fun a lot, it is time to do the best experience ever, which is cycling with others for charity. It is challenging for most people and usually filled with aches and pain, but once the race is over, you will be proud of yourself. Also, many professional riders join charitable events, which is a good opportunity to make new friends.

  3. Enjoy the Beautiful Scenery 
    Many people lost their connection with nature. Big cities are growing faster and smartphones and other technologies have become more important in our lives than connecting with nature. There is even a term called “Nature deficit disorder describing our lack of connection with nature.
    Spending some time in nature is important to our overall well-being. It has been linked to low levels of depression, immune system enhancement, and many other amazing benefits.
    Biking is one of the best ways to connect with nature again. Just imagine all the beautiful scenery you will see while cycling with others.
  4. Honor People You Have Lost
    Many people cycle for charity for personal purposes. It is a chance for some personal connection and a good way to remember a friend or a family member whom you have lost.

    This makes raising sponsorships easier. Also, if any one of the other participants knows you personally, they will know that you are doing this to keep the memory of your loved ones alive. For some cyclists, it is the best motivation to complete the event in order to honor them.

  5. Raise Money and Awareness
    It is a little embarrassing when people ask for money for treatment, especially for a disease like cancer.

    On the other hand, social media has played a crucial role in increasing awareness about charitable events. All it takes is a simple post on Facebook or Instagram or a tweet on Twitter. Now, your friends and followers can choose whether to sponsor you or not without feeling embarrassed that you are asking directly for money.

    What is even better is charitable organizations and fundraising websites that spare people the embarrassment and hardships of creating and organizing the events.
    People tend to be generous in such events. Also, by organizing a bike race, they will have fun while raising money for a great cause like fighting cancer.

  6. Inspire Others to Participate in Future Events
    People want to help. They always look for ways to support patients, especially cancer patients. However, most of them do not know where to start. When you participate in charitable events for raising awareness about cancer, more people will be inspired to participate. You will be surprised at how many people can actually join a race because you tried it once and posted a photo on your Facebook about the event. It is as simple as that.

  7. Jet Casino and Responsible Gambling
    Jet Casino is one of the best and most reputable online casinos in the world. Sponsoring this event is one of the many ways the casino contributes to society.
    Also, the casino wants to raise awareness about responsible gambling. Gamblers should be in control of how much time and money they are spending on online casinos. Also, they should see gambling as a form of entertainment, not a way to make money.
    Players should gamble with money they can afford to lose and accept the odds. It is the responsibility of the casino to provide responsible gambling services and raise awareness about it, but the casino cannot control players’ activities.